Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Monday, August 6, 2012

Shabby Activity without a silver lining.

You will see a few "befores" and "afters"  in this post.  It's just a matter of  tackling the backlog of  pieces that  have been hanging around and begging for attention.  

Old White and French Linen.
This little shelf has been hanging around Shabby Friends too long.
Country Grey and French Linen.
This is soooooooo duh?
Duck Egg Blue and Country Grey. 
A great hinged box with severe condition issues.

A little Watco and steel wool

What to do with antique silver-plate that has lost it's silver? 

We were invited to preview a great Victorian Estate Sale last weekend.    I couldn't resist picking up these very antique pieces of old silver-plate for $3-5 each.   
Silver-plating was introduced during the Industrial Revolution.    Several pieces belonging to royal families in England were allowed to be copied.  

Most antique silver-plated items found today were popular wedding gifts during the nineteenth century and are often found with the initials of both the giver and the recipient. 

Who could resist the ornate decoration on this old card Receiver.

After over one hundred years of having your tarnish removed, you have nothing but copper.  So sad.  

I think this is a syrup dispenser.   The Victorians had a dispenser for everything.

I 'm sure I will be proven foolish for purchasing these worn out old ladies, but hey......they needed a home.  

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Recent Projects and a Comment on the Economy

Some day in the future people will remember the great recession in which we now live.  They will recall reality TV where rednecks make a living killing alligators, selling duck calls and "noodeling".   They will remember when the term "picker" became a household word and every network had a program related to guessing the value of items found in attics, cellars, and thrift shops.   They will wax nostalgic about websites and blogs where housewives and self described "designers"  posted elaborate journals about how they transformed old hopeless pieces of furniture and accessories into beautiful and useful treasures with a little paint and wax.  They called these products "Shabby Chic" or "repurposed".  

Recycling and re-purposing is certainly not for everyone.  However I find it a great creative outlet for my limited skills.    I'm not  the least bit persnickety, so naming my little adventure "Shabby Friends" gives me permission to offer products with numerous flaws and imperfections.    

So.......What was I thinking when I bought this brass monster in a thrift shop in Galveston?

Well.....I was thinking "It's only $5 and I'm sure it can't be too much work.............  WRONG!!

Hours and hours later.   The dark color is ASCP French Linen.  The light color is ASCP Old White.

I bought 4 yards of muslin and stitched the sleeve.   Purchased sleeves are as high as $20.  
We haven't attempted to wire it yet.  I will post when we do.

Mr. Shabby has been needing something to replace the ottoman where he puts his feet in the  man cave.  We purchased this last weekend.  It is a little dated.
This only took about two hours.  

I forgot to take a "before" of this little shelf I bought while picking with my daughter and grandkids in Lubbock.   The inside is done in "Country Grey"; the outside is in French Linen.  Both by Annie Sloan.