Saturday, July 30, 2011

Mexican Tourist Pottery

One of the most affordable collectibles today is Mexican Tourist Pottery.  It fits easily into the Shabby Chic niche of decorating.  The examples we often find in Texas and the Southwest are a style of  regional pottery called Tlaquepaque.  We often come across a piece or two in garage and estate sales.  Its' appealing to both Folk Art collectors and Shabby Chic decorators due to its' primitive, childlike renderings depicting Mexican rural life and plant and animal motifs.

Nested bowls are prevalent in the Tlaquepaque style. 

Never attempt to cook or serve food in this pottery.  

I enjoy displaying some of my pieces on the porch.  


  1. I bought some of this at a garage sale or goodwill. I intended to use it but when I washed it it took for-ev-er to dry! I guess it's a good thing huh, cause then I didn't use it. It is pretty though.

  2. I just love your taste in decor,, so earthy and homey. If I ever see this kind of pottery at a fle market or yard sale I will surely buy it. thanks for all the beautiful pics. Tink

  3. I've known of this pottery for probably the 30+ years I've been married, actually used to cook with it when I first married. Imagine my horror then finding out you really shouldn't cook in it but in Mexico it's still used to cook out of? You just brought back memories. Happy Sunday, T

  4. The pottery is just beautiful. What a great display you have. I live in the midwest..wonder if I could find that pottery here. You have some great pieces!

  5. I have seen this pottery throughout the years. I have not owned a piece but it looks wonderful all together as you display it.
    Thanks for stopping by and leaving the kind comment.
    Blessings today