Thursday, August 4, 2011


A big Texas thanks to Diane Stiff for inviting me to visit with her and tour her beautiful 1880 Victorian home in Bonham.   Diane and I spent the day revisiting our 45 year friendship.  We have so much in common; however our passion for anything vintage ruled the conversation.   Diana and her husband Jim restored this magnificent home a few years back.  Enjoy the tour.

Dresden anyone?

And more Dresden. all over the mirror reflection..... sorry.

Neither words not photos can capture Diane's fetish for fabric.  

I believe the dinning room is my favorite.

The Stiff's sweet little rescue dogs.

The kitchen fireplace.

Believe it or not this is a nook in the kitchen.

A recent porch project.

A wonderful SHABBY PORCH


Did I mention Diane has a fabric fetish.  This is her bed.   

One half of the front porch.

After the home tour we had lunch at Schmardies then did the Antique Mall in Bonham.    Love the step-back cubard.

We both coveted this brown transfer set of dishes

This shabby bird cage was our favorite.

The Stiff's home in Bonham

A wonderful day with a sweet vintage soul.  Thanks Diane.


  1. WoW!!! What a great house.!! LOve, LOve all the pictures. Thanks for keeping up with me. and yes I had a great time with my family. Im off to a quilting retreat, I should get some new stuff done.:):) --hugs-- Sandie

  2. Diane, what a great tour, I love to go to the tour of homes in Jefferson and this brought back memories spent with my Mom. Beautiful!

  3. Wow, she has a beatiful home. I'd love to sit on her porch! 45 years...y'all must have met when you were babies! Theresa, Garden Antqs Vintage

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  5. WOW! Dianne, I had no idea! But where do you LIVE!??? That is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!! As a note, Dianne & I have been friends since we were babies...let's just say 60+ years. Thanks for the tour, Dianne, and thanks to Cynthia for posting it.

  6. Awesome home. Of course I love it all but my favorite is the kitchen with a fire place no less. Wow, would I like to have that. Can
    understand about the fabric fetish, cause I am the same way, going to a fabric store is like a child going to a candy store for me. Want to bring it all home with me and I keep changing my curtains here at home cause just go buy another fabric, come home and make them.
    Thanks for this lovely tour.

  7. Prettiest home in Bonham. I have had the tour myself. Pictures dont do it justice. Dianne is a natural decorator. Everytime I go to her house, I see something different. Gorgeous!!!!

  8. Dianne is a 'one of a kind' decorator with impecible taste and style! Her eye for color and matching fabrics work to 'pop' a room
    making the decor truly amazing. I show and tour hundreds of homes a year, and I can safely say, Dianne and Jim's home is truly magazine worthy! Mary Pat Elledge,

  9. Hi there I just found you through "Counting Your Blessings" blog linky party for "lovely blogs" and yours is certainly one of them!
    Thanks for sharing the post, I love it!

  10. Hello from Australia:)

    I am so glad you shared this beautiful house with us. I especially like the porch vignettes. I am a new follower. I look forward to visiting again soon.