Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Sister Pickers

I can't understand how they picked those long-legged, skinny, genx girls from LA  over me to star on Sister Pickers.   

Crawling around in barns and out-buildings on an old Texas farm
 in 108 degrees heat is not for everyone.

Please tell me it's worth it.

And besides.........My Shabby "Stuff" stays in Texas.


  1. Funny you have a post about them. I was thinking I could surely show them some great spots and they wouldn't pay half what they did on their buying trip to Texas. Looking foward to tonight's episode. I think we should have a critique party each week. What ya say?

  2. I would say well worth it...that shelf is so ornate and beautiful...love it...thanks for visiting me and leaving such a sweet comment...blessings

  3. So muich potential! Sounds like a fun day, even in 108 degrees. Is there any other kind of weather? It's just as hot in AZ!

  4. I just moved to the north of the DFW area and am looking for some places to shop - can you give me some ideas? Thanks, Beth

    mindingmomma at aol dot com