Monday, July 25, 2011

Blogging from home today

Still experimenting with Annie Sloan chalk paint and loving the results.
You will be seeing this primitive bird house at Shabby Friends as soon as I run the yellow jackets out.

Is this too shabby?

Papaw's cultivator seat.  Think it's a keeper.

We found this great cabinet at a local estate sale.  It will be moving to town as soon as space is available.


  1. Hi...your blog is was recommended by one of your high school classmates...(who is actually my sister)-Nicky Farmer...

    I love your Shabby items...

    Hope you'll stop by my blog and say hello...

    Looking forward to more great posts...

    Donna (Farmer) Tingle

  2. Have you seen the photo of Nicky's wedding where we are all trying to look like Jackie Kennedy? Thanks for visiting. Love your blog.