Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Recent Projects

My Mother's generation was really into maple.  Everything was Maple.  Hard Rock Maple.  It was all done in what we called Colonial or Early American Maple.  No respectable home in the POST WWII era was without Early American Maple in every room.  Being one who loves to buy and sell vintage furniture, I find my self avoiding anything that suggest the style that filled every nook and cranny of my childhood.  Why is that?  Oh yes, I forgot.  I was a child of the rebellious  60's......rejecting all symbols of the establishment.  And, yes.....Maple was one of the strongest icons of the Eisenhower generation.

So...what to do with Mother's maple.
Well how about painting it.
This was Mother's Early American Tea Cart.  It was always in a corner of her living room displaying her beautiful collection of crystal.  

I decided to paint the cart in ASCP Provence. 

Needless to say, the wheels were a chalenge.

Well, we don't want to disguise all the maple.  A little distressing was needed.

The best feature of this cart is that it is so versatile.  With the leaves up it makes a wonderful little table.

With the leaves down, it stores in a very small space.  Oh, buy the way, the cart sold at Shabby Friends today.

This was Mother's maple dresser.  I painted it will ASCP Old White and
 trimmed it with Paris Grey. I love the way the pulls painted out.  I decided to give
 them a good coat of protective acrylic.  

 I think Mother would be proud.


  1. You are very good. I have tried just recently to refab a table, NOT my gifting!! Don't like it at all. I bought the carmel paint. Painted my table, but the sanding part a word... SUCKS... I'm so not a furniture person. :):) I love to own it and look at it , but making it myself.... Nope not for me. My table will get done... Its my art table. Hugs--- Sandie

  2. I'm loving that Provence cart its just gorgeous! I'm not surprised that it has already sold.

  3. great work. I am having trouble posting hope it works this time :) Tink

  4. love the blue tea cart the color is fabulous and i love how the dresser turned out as well, great job.